How does J-beauty stand out in the world?


The richness of Japanese beauty rituals and dietary habits is world-renowned and has spanned centuries of tradition. These traditions have forged a rigorous focus on product quality and efficacy which, combined with Japan's constant pursuit of innovation, develop products that are both refreshing and authentic.

Long-trusting Companies :

In Japanese culture, the issue of trust is inseparable from the issue of long-term effectiveness. Japanese companies do not aim to offer a short-term solution but a long-term response to your concerns so that you can properly build a routine. It is in this context of a constant search for sincerity that Japan has the largest number of still-active companies in the world, numbering 33,000. The five oldest still-active companies in the world are Japanese, including the oldest, which was founded in 578 AD: Kongo Gumi, a temple construction company.

Photography of Kongo Gumi members

This quest for longevity explains the reputation of the Japanese wellness industry. Ranked as the world's fifth largest cosmetics company, Shiseido, founded in 1872, is the oldest cosmetics brand in the world. Through its history and success, Shiseido is the undeniable proof of Japanese success through this quest for trust. 

The Shiseido Success story:

The brand we now call Shiseido began, in 1872, as a private pharmacy in Ginza, Tokyo and its original parlour was the first in Japan to sell soda water and ice cream. Focusing, first on its first known best seller, launched in 1888, on the photography bellow : its Fukuhara sanitary toothpaste. 

Photography of a advertising poster of Shiseido’s Tooth Cream
In 1897, advancing into the cosmetics industry, the company launched its first skin care product  Eudermine. 

Photography of one of the first advertising poster of Shiseido’s “Eudermine” lotion
Although Eudermine's formula has been improved with scientific advances and its package redesigned numerous times, it is a long-selling product that is still a favorite among many people since its introduction over one-hundred years ago.

Photography of the current Shiseido’s “Eudermine” packaging

Pharmaceutical legislation :

In addition to this longevity, like every company in Japan, Shiseido is subject to stringent pharmaceutical legislation that holds companies accountable for the safety of their formulations and the quality of the ingredients in their products. This legislation also regulates and selects the foreign products that can be sold in Japan. Your Japanese Beauty therefore also offers you access to the leading foreign products in the Japanese market and to products of non-Japanese brands that are sold exclusively in Japan and that are very successful.


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