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You might be concerned ? If you leave them, it will cause poor performance.

  • Staying in the same posture for a long time.

  • Lack of exercise, out of shape.

  • Looking for travel-friendly fitness goods for business trip.

We recommend 3D CONDITIONING BALL to relieve your daily fatigue and to make self-stretching easier

Easy self-stretching to heal daily fatigue

3D CONDITIONING BALL can help you feel your daily fatigue just by pressing the body that vibrates finely, such as stiff shoulders and neck stiffness, poor performance during sports, the same posture for long periods of time, chronic exercise deficiency, etc. Heal and condition. Spherical form and characteristic block pattern that pursues fit and sound absorption, firmly approach the point where self-care is difficult, and vibration reaches the deep part of the muscle directly.

4,000 vibration exercises per minute.

With a compact body and powerful vibration function, you can choose the vibration that is most suitable for self-stretching from 4 levels: 2,500 times, 3,000 times, 3,500 times, 4,000 times per minute. It also approaches areas that are difficult to loosen by stretching alone, helping to recover muscle fatigue. In addition, by using the including assist cover, 3D CONDITIONING BALL can reach the shoulders, shoulder blades, back and hips for easy care.

  • EXERCISE01Exercise 01

    01 – Calves

    Sit with legs stretched straight, and approach the area from calf to ankle region.

  • EXERCISE02Exercise 02

    02 – Back of knee

    Sit with legs stretched straight, and approach the back of knee.

  • EXERCISE03Exercise 03

    03 – Hamstring

    Sit with legs stretched straight, and approach the area from the base of thigh to the back of knee.

  • EXERCISE04Exercise 04

    04 – Glutes

    Sit with legs stretched straight, and approach the glutes

  • EXERCISE05Exercise 05

    05 – Hip joint

    Place below your hip bone and approach the inner side of pelvis.

  • EXERCISE06Exercise 06

    06 – Armpit

    Lie on the side and approach the area a bit back from the armpit.

  • EXERCISE07Exercise 07

    07 – Forearm

    Hold the ball in your hand, and approach the forearm (in and outside) of the other hand.

  • EXERCISE08Exercise 08

    08 – Base of thumb

    Hold the ball in your hand and approach the base of the opposite thumb.

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