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Dr. Air 3D Eye Magic S EM-03

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A new habit of eye care with a comfortable, relaxing experience.

The long-term use of personal computers and smartphones, which are indispensable in modern life, puts more strain on our eyes than we imagined. 3D Eye Magic S gently warms the area around the eyes and temples, while gently vibrating and pressurizing the eyes. In addition, the soothing healing sound built into the main unit further enhances the relaxing effect.

  • Air


    By applying comfortable air pressure, it gently stimulates the area around the eyes.

  • vibration


    Gently stimulates the muscles around the eyes with moderate vibration.

  • heater


    Gently warm your eyes. Feel relaxed with just the right amount of warmth.

  • sound


    The body has a built-in healing sound that makes you feel at ease. You can easily pair it with a smartphone that supports Bluetooth® function and play music.





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