Dr Air

3D Hand Refre

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Color: Gold

Recommended for those who are …

  • Using smart phone or PC for a long time
  • Game users
  • Carrying heavy stuff
  • Using hands for household chores
  • Writing or studying
  • Using hands a lot

Wrap the entire hand firmly for ultimate refresh

Features Point.1
Deeply relax with air pressure

Long size to wrap from fingertip to wrist. It is as if being pushed by human hands.

Features Point.2
Selectable modes and pressure levels

You can use it to your liking in 3 modes and 3 pressure levels. The impression of the press remains clearly in the palm of your hand.

Features Point.3
Heating function installed

Heat can be turned ON/OFF according to the season and your preference. It will warm up your body from your fingertips in the cold winter as well as summer air conditioning.

Features Point.4
Spacious size and easy to use.

Because it is cordless, you can use it anywhere you like.

(Stand up is possible)

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