Azuki No Chikara

Azuki No Chikara Red Bean Shoulders Warm Pillow

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The Azuki no Chikara Red Bean Shoulder Pillow will sooth your neck and shoulder with warm steam.

Heat the pillow up in the microwave and place over your body for a mini steam bath effect of 25 minutes per session. It can be reused 250 times each !

This pillow infuses heat right into your shoulder and neck to ease pain, and make you relax.

Total heating time: 2 mins (500W); 1 min 50 sec (600W); 1 min 30 sec (700W)
Never heat at over 800W
Heat up in bursts of 10 sec, checking the temperature each time
Use for 25 minutes per session
Can be reheated up to 250 times
Do not wash

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