FANCL Deep Clear Facial Cleansing Powder, 30 Pack

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An enzyme facial cleanser that removes dirt, darkening, and keratin plugs from pores and cleanses the skin.

A powder containing charcoal and clay quickly turns into a cushion foam that gently wraps the skin.

You can feel the pores cleanly without getting taut by entwining dirt while protecting the moisture.

The more you continue to use it, the less noticeable the dirt on your pores will be on your skin. Single-use potion type.

By disassembling and “adsorbing” stubborn keratin plugs that cannot be removed by normal face washing, it can be removed cleanly. It does not leave a rough surface.

Enzyme (protease)It works on proteins that cause keratin plugs and roughness.

Charcoal / adsorption mudCharcoal efficiently scrapes out dirt from keratin plugs and pores on the surface of the skin, and mud is adsorbed and entangled.

Moisture on the skin that easily flows with water. To protect it, in addition to amino acid-based cleaning ingredients, sugar and hyaluronic acid are added. Enzyme facial cleansing eliminates the worrying “tension”.

  • Step 1: After whashing your hands, one dose put i in the palm of your hand
  • Step 2: While adding water little by little to contain air, the trick is to whisk
  • Step 3: Dense and tight foam. Complete !

Point: Gently remove bubbles from areas where you are concerned about darkening and roughness.

Basic Usage : Can be used daily / Please use once a day, either morning or evening. * Please use while observing the condition according to the skin type and condition, and if it dries, reduce the degree of use.

You can also use it in combination with FACE WASHING POWDER FANCL.

Recommended usage 01: Use It 3 times a week, replace with FACE WASHING POWDER FANCL.

Recommended usage 02: Mix with FACE WASHING POWDER FANCL for even more foam.

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