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Kataribe Mini incense sticks

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Kataribe" is a brand of incense sticks that pursues natural and genuine fragrances.

Kataribe incense sticks are designed to meet the needs of the modern age, with little smoke and a refreshing fragrance.

Natural essential oils are used to create the natural scent of Sakura, Lavender and Shiraume

The sweet and noble scent gives you a pleasant sense of well-being.

The elegant and pure fragrance of Sakura, which blooms in the warm spring sunshine, is retained in this elegantly scented incense.

The clean and pleasant scent of lavender with its full fragrance in the buds just before flowering.

The pure, sweet and elegant fragrance of the lovely Shiraume, the white plum flower blossoming in spring.

These incense sticks are short enough to be used in small incense burners.

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