Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Eyebon Eye Wash

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  • Eyes of foreign body sensation caused by dust and dirt, rinse with vitamin compounding an eyewash an unpleasant cause pink such as itching, you were neat.
  • Cleaning of-eye after removing the contact, the eye disease prevention.
  • Vitamin maximum amount (* 1). Premium prescription (vitamin B6 · B12 · E)

(1) direct sunlight firmly the cap in a cool place not exposed to tighten put in a box coercive and to pipe it

(2) Keep out of reach of children

(3) do not replaced with other container (misuse of varying quality or cause)

(4) eyewash cup must not be shared with others

Other attachments description:

(1) add chemical to the inside of the line eyewash cup (5 ml)

(2) Cup pressed snugly to the eyes

(3) liquid so that is not spilled, while pressed against the cup to the eye, facing up to deflect the head back

(4) Blink several times to wash eyes

Wash and dry the used cup thoroughly


* Do not wash the other eye with the liquid that washed one eye * Wash the eyes for

30 seconds or more Do not use

* If you are wearing contact lenses, be sure to remove them before use * Wipe off any makeup or stains around your eyes before use

* Pink around the mouth of the container depending on the storage condition Crystals may adhere, so in that case, wipe lightly with clean gauze etc.

* People who do not use contact lenses can also use it

* The color of the liquid is the color of vitamin B12. If you accidentally get it on your clothes,wash it with water as soon as possible.