Mytrex EMS Heat Neck

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Always care for your neck with thermal effects and EMS.

  • A cordless EMS heat neck that allows you to take care of your neck at any time with the heat effect and EMS.
  • Since it is cordless, it can be used anywhere.
  • Light and supple fits the neck. It can also be used for long hours of desk work.
  • Temperature setting can be selected from 3 levels, EMS can be selected from 6 modes and 16 levels of strength.
  • Since it comes with voice guidance, you can easily set it even if you cannot see your hand.
  • Since the power is automatically turned off in about 15 minutes after use, wasteful power is not consumed.
  • After use, just wipe the energizing and heating pads. Easy to clean.

(1) Press the power / heat switching button to turn on the power.

(2) Set the EMS mode with the EMS mode switching button.

(3) Use the + -buttons to adjust the strength to your liking.

(4) Set the heat mode with the power and heat switch buttons.

(5) When finished, press and hold the power button to turn it off.

(6) Wipe the heating pad after use and store it.

Rated power supply: DC5V / 1A (USB) Power consumption (approx.): 5W (when charging) Power supply source: Mobile battery / USB port of PC, etc. Frequency (approx.): 1Hz-1000Hz Operating environment (approx.): Temperature 5 degrees- 40 degrees / relative humidity ≤ 85RH%

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