Paris. Le Sel Bath Bomb (Single Use)

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Paris. is the perfect mixture of the best ingredients from France, combined with the meticulous production of Japan. 

This fragrant bath bomb adds color to your bath while emanating a delicate scent of cist rose and bitter orange blooming by the sea. It contains 100g of Epsom salts, baking soda (carbon dioxide), and clay.

The mineral magnesium promotes blood circulation, while the clay ingredients moisturize your skin.

Magnesium sulfate, also known as "Epsom salt" in Europe and the United States, the magnesium sulfate has been used by many beauty experts and celebrities as a new beauty treatment for sweating and detoxification.

It is also used by a wide range of people, including high-level athletes, who expect to recover from muscle fatigue due to the magnesium mineral.

Epsom salt has been attracting attention from a wide range of people.
Epsom salt is the perfect body salt for a healthy lifestyle that emphasizes quality and efficacy.

Add to bathe water (about 180-200 liters).
Stir well and then take a bath.

Precautions for use
We do not have any verification data on washing with leftover water. Do not use leftover water for washing.
The expiration date of the Fragrance Bath Bomb is indicated on the product as a guideline for use. The product can be used even after the expiration date, but the fizzing ingredients may become less and the clay ingredients (mud ingredients) and glycerin (moisturizing ingredients) may become less soluble. However, the clay and glycerin will not dissolve as easily.

156g of magnesium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, DL-malic acid, PEG6000, BG, glycerin, cyclodextrin, Ti oxide, bentonite, fragrance, yellow 4, red 102, blue 1, red 106

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