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Anming botanical linen mist 50ml

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An aromatic solution to sleep created by NEC Solution Innovator, a sleep specialist and Nippon Kodo.
In addition to Nippon Kodo's perfumery technology and NEC Solution Innovator's knowledge of sleep and verification technology, anming botanical is an advanced solution aroma for sleep, developed through joint research under the supervision of Sleep Clinic Endo, M.D., a sleep specialist.
NEC Solution Innovator is also involved in research into cognitive behavioural therapy and the development of sleep-related applications through the use of ICT.
Scent of natural plant essential oil: Orange & Hinoki
Valencia Orange from Florida, which is one of the sweetest oranges in the world, is interwoven with Hinoki (Japanese cypress) oil from Mie Prefecture, Sandalwood from India and Vetiver from Indonesia to create a luxurious scent that invites you to sleep comfortably with the blessings of nature.

No synthetic fragrance
100% natural essential oils.
Designed to be used by those who do not like synthetic fragrances or strong smells.
Contains more than 80% plant fermented ethanol.
Can also be used as a mask mist. 

Spray 2 to 3 times on linen and fabrics such as pillows, sheets and curtains, 20 to 30 cm away.
For bedrooms, spray 4 to 5 times into the air as desired after ventilation.
Spray 1 to 2 pumps on the outside of the mask.
Do not spray while wearing a mask on the face.
Do not spray with mask on face.
Do not spray with mask on.
Do not spray in large quantities. If you do not like alcohol, spray and leave on for 5 minutes before applying the mask.
If you are uncomfortable with alcohol, leave it on for 5 minutes before applying the mask. If the product is not washable, please test on an inconspicuous area before use.

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