Cotte Facial Cleansing Foam

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Discover the power of Japanese sake

An all-natural amino-based moisturizing face gel that's perfect for any time of the year. It's enriched with Japanese sake and sake extract that leaves your skin feeling refreshing and not sticky. There's a reason why sake brewers are known to have the softest skin. The natural amino acids and rice fermentation work together to moisten and retain moisture.

A facial cleansing foam containing 10% sake.
It is easy to use, which is unique to amino acid cleaning ingredients, and does not leave you feeling after washing. Ancient Japanese botanical ingredients such as birch sap and shea butter, which have a moisturizing effect, protect the moisture.

◎ Sake 10% ◎ Shea butter combination.

About Cotte

In Japan it’s been known for many years that sake brewers, despite their manual labor, have skin that’s soft and moist. That’s because the amino acids in the fermentation and brewery process have natural cleansing properties and are known to moisturize by enhancing water retention.

The Hakkaisan Brewery in northern Japan has harnessed their knowledge of fermentation and brewery to create Cotte, a unique brand of skincare products that are infused with the same carefully-selected ingredients that go into their world-renown sake. 

Sake "Hakkaisan"

Sake is an ancient Japanese sake made by fermenting rice.
The sake brewing process is said to be the most complex and delicate of all sake in the world.
At the brewery of the sake "Hakkaisan", the traditional process is obediently followed, and craftsmen called brewers continue to make polite sake.
The delicate taste of sake "Hakkaisan", which is unique to Uonuma, is woven by the snow, water, climate, and craftsmanship of the soul.
The cotte contains the carefully brewed pure rice sake. Fermented liquor extract and amino acids quickly become familiar as natural moisturizing ingredients, leading to fresh skin.

The land where sake "Hakkaisan" is born

The hometown of the sake "Hakkaisan" and the Uonuma region of Niigata prefecture are not only rice but also a famous sake producing area.
Known as a heavy snowfall area with 3 meters of snow, its harsh cold and clear soft water that can be melted in the snow are indispensable for sake brewing .
It is said to be "the land that God gave to make sake."
The carefully brewed sake, Mt. Hakkai, is made in such an abundant land.


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