Hinoki Deitanzeki

Hinoki Deitanseki Tube 120g

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You can even use that smooth skin at home in a hot spring. Hinoki Peat Coal, a natural soap born in the hot springs. This popular series of facial cleaning foam removes dirt that is clogged in the pores from the deep and cleans up cleanly.

Mochi Foam for a Clean Face. The "squishy foam" that will stick to your hands without friction. Friction when washing your face will cause damage to your skin, so it is actually necessary to be careful. Gently wash with squishy foam to give your skin a smooth and smooth finish without feeling any stiff. Relaxing with Hinoki Scent).

Formulated with pure Hinoki oil, it has a refreshing cypress scent that is just as if you are bathing in a forest.

It has a relaxing effect and turns your face into a soothing time. In addition, the Hinokiol is also effective for UV care and skin problems, making it perfect for the spring season where more UV rays and pollen are increased.

Easy makeup off! Charcoal + mud + kaolin (moisturizing and cleaning ingredients) and moderate oil for cleaning can also remove simple makeup.

Easily remove makeup when shopping in the neighborhood or working at home or remote work.

Product Specifications: Contents: 4.2 oz (120 g); Country of Origin: Japan

Raw Materials/Composition: Mystic Acid, Water, Glycerin, K Hydrooxide, Stearic Acid, PEG-30, Sodium Cocoyl Methyltaurate, Palm Nuclear Fatty Acid DEA, Glyceryl Stearate, Polysorbate 60, Multitol, Lauric Acid. Olive Oil / Charcoal Fragrance / BHT / 5 Na Pentetoate / Methylparapen / Propylparaben / Kaolin / Bentonite

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