KAZUYA Organic Sencha

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With its light green and golden color, the competition-grade organic sencha of Tsuru san comes from the first harvest of the year and also blends asatsuyu and yabukita together.

Full-bodied, fragrant, and packed with umami, it balances sweetness and bitterness in a perfect manner, leaving a wonderful clear honey taste on your palate.

Tsuru san and his son look over their tea trees like dotting parents taking care of their children.

This patience and dedication are expressed in the way their teas reflect the beautiful nature in which they grow, where bees, wildflowers, and a rich, nutrient-packed soil contribute to confer to the tea leaves a unique and distinctive touch.

IMPORTANT: We suggest you contact us (chat or mail) before ordering this item. Stock is very limited and can run out between your order and ours. Thank you!

  1. Put 6g to 8g of tea leaves for 2 cups of tea in the teapot (with a filter mesh)
  2. Bring water to a boil. 180ml of water for two cups.
  3. Pour the water into each cup and wait until the temperature reaches 60 to 70 degrees.
  4. Pour the water from the cup into the teapot, close the lid and allow the tea to brew for 2 minutes. Do not stir.
  5. Pour the tea slowly into the cups, a little at a time, until the last drop.
  6. For this tea, the second brew time should be 1 minute.


Unopened : 12 months / Opened : 6 weeks

Sencha is the most well-known variety of green tea and the most popular kind in Japan. To make sencha, tea leaves are steamed within a few hours after harvest, thus stopping the oxidation process, then rolled into needles, thus making sure that the leaves' natural green color is preserved. This process also helps the leaves retain their fragrance and components. 

Thanks to a mild climate, sencha from Kyushu region is usually sweeter and richer in umami than in other areas in Japan. Producers can grow rare and delicate cultivars that yield extraordinary and rare tea.

The precious “Shincha” (New Tea) that tea lovers await with trepidation usually refers to the first sencha of the year, made exclusively from leaves plucked during the first harvest. The area of Chiran has the earliest first harvest in the country.

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