MOGU Back Support Eight

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Color: Red

The Mogu Back Supporter 8 is a functional back supporter in the shape of the number 8 that provides support to different parts of your back from your hips to your shoulders, and facilitates good posture all the time while you’re seated.

Based on the principle of ‘Lean-Support-Hold’, it has 3 different thicknesses at the three nodes where it meets your back.’

With the bigger ring of the two positioned below, the lowest, middle and top rungs are all of different thicknesses in order to fit and support your hips, waist and upper back respectively. These 3 levels of support distribute the weight of your upper-body appropriately at these 3 points to ensure proper posture and support so that no particular point bears too much of the load.

In addition, when placed upside down (smaller ring at the bottom), the Mogu Back Supporter 8 becomes a head rest.

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