Mytrex Rebive

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Powerful vibrations of up to 3300 times per minute reach deep into muscles that normally do not move.
Compact size with 5 types of attachments that fit every part of the body and is ideal for carrying around.
You can easily achieve total body care just by adding it to your daily routine.

Introduced on the TV show on September 26, 2020.
(Mitrex Revive) Sotsu Medical Mytrex Revive

This handy vibration machine is used by professional practitioners and sports trainers and has been made compact for your home.

Even women can easily use one hand.
Handy Vibration Machine Anytime.

A professional, handy vibration machine that vibrates deep and allows you to relax at home.

(Refreshes with a handy vibration machine)
Pinpoint stimulates muscles from all parts of the body, including shoulders, arms, legs, and more.

Compact yet powerful:
Powerful vibrations up to 3300 times per minute stimulate your muscles comfortably.

5 types of attachments that fit all parts of the body.
By replacing 5 different attachments, it fits all parts of the body.
You can also stimulate your ankles and soles with pinpoints.

(Can also be used to cool down after exercise)
Lightly press on your abuse arms and legs after exercise to refresh your body and mood.

Compact size for easy carrying.
While maintaining its power, this handy vibration machine has a main unit of about 26.8 oz (680 g), so it can be used easily with one hand, making it perfect for refreshing.

Product design and specifications may change without prior notice. We appreciate your understanding.

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