Paris. Clara Facial Skincare device

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Paris. is the perfect mixture of the best ingredients from France, combined with the meticulous production of Japan. 

Benefit from micro-current beauty, at home, with "Clara" by Paris. A device that supports skincare routines and removes unwanted substances.

This device applies lift-up effects while cleansing your pores efficiently by applying your favorite skincare lotions on cotton rings and attach them to the device (see how to use section).

Outside dust, pollution, and sweat can put stress on your face's skin. Compact, light, and using simple batteries, you can bring this device wherever you go and clear your pores easily.

Contains Main device, cotton rings, and 2 "AAA batteries"

Two modes : 

Red light : Ion induction mode (to remove dirt)
This mode uses positive electricity to remove dirt such as sebum, dust, and exhaust gas.
Recommended to use more if you have oily skin.

Green light : Ion Introduction :
Negative electricity is used to penetrate nutrients into the skin.
This mode allows nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin.

Two usage :

1. Ion-induction mode (red light)
After cleansing your face, attach a cotton puff to the Clara and apply 2 pumps of Clear Lotion. After cleansing, attach a cotton puff to Clara and apply 2 pumps of Clear Lotion.

2. Ion-introduction mode (green light)
After applying the serum to the skin, remove the cotton ring. Gently apply to the skin and massage along the muscle line.

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