Paris. Le Sel Bath Oil 「PMS」

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Paris. is the perfect mixture of the best ingredients from France, combined with the meticulous production of Japan. 

This Inner Cleanse Aroma Bath Oil is an aromatic bath oil that gently relaxes the body and the mind while enjoying a high-quality fragrance.

The frankincense and patchouli contained in this bath oil will soothe the mind, while the harmonious floral chypre of rose and Geranium will regulate a tired mind and body.

This simple formula is rich in high-grade jojoba oil, which makes the skin shine and smooth.

Paris. Aroma Bath Oil 「PMS」 helps women ease their hormone balance and fight the stress during the period as well. 

Add one or two drops into your bath to enjoy the soft scent of this bath oil and relax. It is as simple as that.

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