Tor Hand Care Luxe

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Equipped with a fir ball exclusively for the palm, it is blissful and comfortable. It rotates toward the point of stiffness of the palm, and by loosening it more powerfully and deeply, it realizes a feeling of fir like human acupressure.

Equipped with 21 layers of airbags. It not only wraps all five fingers, but also covers and heals the wrist.
Enjoy the latest massage that delivers blissful comfort to your hands.

A heater is built into the fir ball, and you can massage while warming.
It is also possible to use only the heater.

Safe and secure design that automatically stops in about 10 minutes.
Use for 10 minutes every day.

Woven fabric is used on the surface of the main body. It is a chic design that fits into the interior. Comes with a stand that creates a gentle slope of about .
It fits in your hand and you can experience the massage in a more relaxed position.

● Purpose or effect
 Anma, a substitute for massage. For general household use.
 Recovery from fatigue, improvement of blood circulation,
 relief of muscle fatigue , relief of muscle stiffness, relief of neuralgia and muscle pain.
 Medical device certification number 302AABZX00038000
■ Material: Body: ABS resin
 Upper woven fabric: Polyester
 Inner cover: Nylon, Polyurethane
■ Power supply: AC100V 50 / 60Hz
■ Rated power consumption: 20W (heater 5W)
■ Heater maximum temperature: Approx. 45 ℃
■ Timer: Approx. 10 minutes automatic OFF
■ Accessories: AC adapter
■ Warranty period: 1 Year
■ Body size: (approx.) W165 x L220 x H130mm
■ Weight: (approx.) 1.6kg (not including adapter)
■ Power cord: (approx.) 1.8m

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