Dr Air

3D Massage Roll

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Color: Black

A powerful vibration massage tool that easily eliminates daily fatigue and stiff shoulders.

Why not use a massage tool to solve your daily fatigue and worries?

Recover from daily fatigue, improve blood circulation Relaxing massage in bed Loosen tight shoulders Shoulder massage with assist cover Relieve the nerve pain and muscle pain Back massage  Relieve muscle stiffness and deepen the effect of exercise Yoga and stretching support

Massage freely anywhere in the body.

Just press the uneven shape on the part of your body that you care about. You can massage just 8.5cm in diameter by sandwiching it on the side or back of the knee, so you can use it to care for areas that are difficult to care for yourself. With high-speed vibration of up to 10,000 times in 3 minutes, muscles of the whole body are loosened from the core and blood circulation is improved. Because there is no need to move the body, powerful massage is possible in a relaxed state.

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