Babu relaxing carbonate bathing agent (48 packs)

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4 WARMING BATH POWDERS: Assorted Japanese bath powders set. Includes an assorted 48 packs of relaxing bath powders with various scents and tingling bubbles effect. Contains 12 of each: Yuzu, woods, lavender, and bergamot ginger aromas.

ENHANCED WARMING EFFECT: Bath salt powders with a carbonation effect that helps warm your body to its core. Warming effect last even after your bath.

SOOTHING AND RELAXING: Beautiful bath time scents for aromatherapy and relaxation. Use it after a long day of work and get the rest you deserve.

PAIN RELIEF: The soothing sensation will help ease back pain, muscle soreness, and relax your body. The warming ingredients can also help relieve eczema, itchy skin, poor blood circulation and more.

FOR LONG OR SHORT BATH: Relax for hours in your tub after a long day, or simply use for a short daily bathing session. Relax and soothe your body in the morning and get ready to take on a long day.




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