Barth Face Wash Powder Bottle (60 uses)

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BARTH, the popular bath agent, has released a face washing powder.

To Tone Up Your Skin: As well as bathing agents, the gentle cleaning and massaging of bicarbonates will promote blood flow and tone up your skin. [Non-foaming Facial Cleaning]

The carbonic acid attracts dirt, and sea-mud and coral powder adhere firmly to your skin and absorbs and washes away dirt from old exfoliates and pores. (Fragrance-free/Additive-free)

No fragrances or additives. Because it uses natural ingredients, you may feel the aroma. (For Sensitive Skin) Stinging tested. Hypoallergenic and will not feel stiff after washing.

Put powder into the palm of your hand and add about the same amount of water or lukewarm water as the powder to turn the mixture into a liquid (Does not foam)
Neutral bicarbonate face powder. Massage the skin gently for about 1 minute and rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water.

Cornstarch, sodium bicarbonate, brown algae extract, citric acid, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolysed collagen, sea silt, coral powder, sodium carbonate, PEG-150, sodium ascorbate, sodium caprylylsulphonate.

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