BARTH Neutral Bicarbonate Bath Salt

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BARTH is a neutral bicarbonate bath salts brand born from research into neutral bicarbonate springs, which are rare and special in Germany and elsewhere in the world. BARTH was born from research into the rare and special neutral bicarbonate spring in Germany, one of the world's leading carbonated spring countries. It has developed its own technology so that it can be experienced at home. Neutral bicarbonate springs are rare and special carbonic acid springs that exist only in a few places in the world, such as the Quaalto facilities (natural treatment facilities) in Bad Nauheim and Bad Krotzingen, which are famous as spa treatment centres in Germany. Neutral bicarbonate springs, which are achieved by carbon dioxide gas emitted in a high-pressure environment 1,000 m underground dissolving into neutral water, are said to be the key to maintaining good health and are used for a variety of purposes to relieve fatigue, stiff shoulders, back pain and cold symptoms, among many other benefits.

  • BARTH is also particular about its ingredients so that people can experience neutral bicarbonate bathing in their own baths at home. The ingredients, citric acid and baking soda, are gentle to nature and people.

  • Active ingredient sodium bicarbonate : Nature- and people-friendly ingredients blended with: citric acid and baking soda. Citric acid, one of the ingredients, is obtained by fermentation of natural products (starch), while baking soda, another ingredient, is of food grade. No synthetic petroleum ingredients are used and the aim was to create a bath salt that is gentle on both nature and people.

  • Contains vitamin C for soft water : Vitamin C neutralises the chlorine in tap water used in ordinary households, resulting in soft, pleasant-to-the-touch water. It is also suitable for use by people with sensitive skin and children.

  • Anti-oxidant

Barth have kept the composition as simple as possible, including as few unnecessary ingredients as possible and using no fragrance or colouring.

Dissolve 3 tablets in 160 litres of warm water (37-40°C) and bathe leisurely for at least 15 minutes. During bathing, gently massage your body and scalp in the hot water.

Other Ingredients

Anhydrous citric acid, PEG6000, vitamin C/Na and one other ingredient.


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