DHC Medicated Deep Cleansing Oil

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DHC’s bestselling, cult-classic Deep Cleansing Oil is truly one of a kind. The original Japanese first step oil cleanser melts away makeup and dissolves impurities, leaving your skin clean, soft and radiant.  

The 100% organic olive-oil based formulation works on the scientific premise that “like attracts like.” Applied with dry hands on your dry face, this rich, naturally golden-hued olive oil-based cleanser binds with dirt and effortlessly breaks down sunscreen, sebum and stubborn makeup, like waterproof mascara and eyeliner, without clogging your pores. The water-soluble formula rinses away with zero oily residue. Its silky feel and delicate, natural rosemary aroma make washing your face feel like a luxurious spa experience.

This botanical formulation features antioxidant-rich organic olive oil and vitamin E to hydrate, soften and protect against free radical damage, and rosemary leaf oil to invigorate and refresh. Also works great as a makeup brush cleaner.

Ideal for all skin types.

  1. Take about 3 pushes of oil on your dry hands, warm it with your palm, and let the oil blend well with your makeup. (Approximately 20 seconds)
  2. If the dirt comes up, wash it off thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water.
  3. After use, double-wash your face with a face wash that suits your skin type and purpose, such as " DHC Mild Soap " or DHC Medicinal Q Soap ".
  • When cleansing, be sure to use with dry hands.
  • When storing in a bathroom, be careful not to let water get inside the container.
  • When removing point make, " DHC point makeup remover " is recommended
  • The colour tone of cleansing oil may vary depending on the time of harvesting the olive fruits, but there is no problem with the quality.

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