FANCL Facial cleansing powder

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A powder facial cleanser that quickly creates fluffy foam and gently cleanses with dense, firm foam.

  • [Face-washing without rubbing] Even while washing your face, it is finely textured and has a dense, firm foam that does not rub against your skin, so it does not stress your skin.
  • [For fresh and moisturized skin] Because the “film” of the foam is thick, the foam does not break and remains elastic. A cleansing ingredient that can turn off only unnecessary substances, and a prescription that leaves the skin moisturized. Please experience the rough and non-tight skin.
  • [Estimated amount of use] 1 teaspoon
  • [Number of days of use] 50g: Approximately 30 days * Use in the morning and evening
  • [Fresh period] After opening / within 60 days (separate package is immediately after opening) Unopened / within 3 years Preservative No fragrances, synthetic pigments, petroleum-based surfactants, or UV absorbers are used. * Weakly acidic, date of manufacture.

A powdery facial cleanser that cleanses the finest smooth skin. While protecting the moisture of the dense and firm foam, it removes unnecessary stratum corneum such as sebum, keratin plugs, and darkening. It changes the cosmetic solution to be used later into skin that draws in tightly, and makes fine wrinkles due to dryness less noticeable.

The elastic, dense and firm foam that does not settle is a reliable cushion, so it does not stress the skin when washing the face. In addition, " Haya Foam Prescription” allows you to create plenty of firm foam that foams quickly and is hard to break.

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