KAKUSAN Beauty Roller Y-shaped

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It is a non-rechargeable type and takes in light from a solar panel provided at eight dollars to generate a weak current "microcurren". 

The streamlined body fits comfortably in your hand with a design that emphasizes the glowing flow. The mirror-finished body has a high-class feel, and the unique feel of being rubbed by a Y-shaped roller feels good. The diamond-cut 3D design creates multiple pressure spots to gently tighten the delicate female skin.

The streamlined form of silver with a luxurious feel. With gift wrapping, mothers, friends, and presents are also suitable.

Set content:

  • Beauty roller x 1,
  • Dedicated storage bag x 1,
  • Dedicated storage box x 1,
  • Japanese instruction manual x 1
  • 3-month warranty: If you have any problems during use, please contact us from the order history. In case of initial failure, if it is less than 3 months after purchase, we will contact our shop and exchange it free of charge.

Face care: Care along the face line from under the corners of the mouth. With the image of tightening the skin.

Face line care: Intensive rolling of the chin. Please care while fitting the meat of the chin firmly.

Neck care: Roll up and down along the neck. Focus on the base of the neck and the lower part of the back of the head.

Second arm care: Roll down from your elbows. Please adjust the angle and strength to care.

Beautiful leg care: Roll from the ankle to the back of the knee. Roll the bottom of your foot further.

Precautions: Please avoid bathtubs, bath salts, soaps, hot springs, pools, saunas, etc. as this may cause damage, discoloration or deterioration.

Warning: Do not use if you: Accidents and skin/body problems may occur. Those who are sensitive to metal. People with skin diseases and dermatitis, those with sensitive skin. Those who are unstable during the early stages of pregnancy, those who have just given birth, or those who are not feeling well during pregnancy. Those with sensitive skin such as during breastfeeding and menstruation. Those who are drunk or taking medicine, or who are tired. Before using, use with a weak force, and be careful while watching the condition of the skin before using. Should you observe an abnormality such as redness, swelling or itchiness, discontinue use and consult a doctor. Do not press the panel hard. There is a risk of failure.

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