KAZUHIRO Organic Gyokuro

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KAZUHIRO is a unique, organic gyokuro made with a blend of the Asatsuyu and Yabukita cultivars.

The craftsmanship of Tsuru-san and his son comes through beautifully when preparing this tea. Aromatic notes of wildflowers and dried honey balance harmoniously with refined notes of steamed asparagus.

This tea has a subtle elegance hidden within its smooth and vibrant emerald liquor. Organic gyokuro is as hard to find as a white elephant because it requires even more hard work than normal gyokuro, which is already one of the most demanding green teas.

IMPORTANT: We suggest you contact us (chat or mail) before ordering this item. Stock is very limited and can run out between your order and ours. Thank you! 

  1. Put 6g to 8g of tea leaves for 2 cups of tea in the teapot (with a filter mesh)
  2. Bring water to a boil. 180ml of water for two cups.
  3. Pour the water into each cup and wait until the temperature reaches 60 to 70 degrees.
  4. Pour the water from the cup into the teapot, close the lid and allow the tea to brew for 2 minutes. Do not stir.
  5. Pour the tea slowly into the cups, a little at a time, until the last drop.
  6. For this tea, the second brew time should be 1 minute.


Unopened : 12 months / Opened : 6 weeks

Gyokuro is the king of Japanese green teas and is a delicate and exclusive beverage that requires enormous amounts of skill and hard work.

Gyokuro from Kyushu is the most appreciated of all Japan and is praised for its exceptional quality. Yame area in Fukuoka is the main production region in Japan (40%) that produces the highest quality gyokuro in the country called "Dento Hon Gyokuro".

Gyokuro is sweet, with a unique mildly astringent aroma and mellow umami taste, with high levels of theanine and caffeine. Gyokuro lovers will tell you of the wonders of the first sip that leaves a long-lasting impression in your mouth.

The tea leaves are cultivated using a special method where the young leaves are shaded from direct sunlight for around twenty days. Shading is usually done through a dark plastic sheet, but in Yame, traditional farmers will use natural rice straw to make ‘Dento Hon Gyokuro’, the highest label of quality.

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