Nakane Tea

Mugi-cha Tea Bags (12g x 32 packets)

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This barley tea is made from 100% domestically produced barley. The domestic barley is slowly roasted at low temperatures to give it a fragrant aroma.
It is caffeine-free, so it can be drunk before bedtime by those who are concerned about caffeine.

It is slightly sweet and can be enjoyed by everyone from children to the elderly.

In the hot summer, minerals tend to be in short supply. Let's take measures against heat stroke with barley tea rich in minerals !

It can be served either with water or with hot water. If you want to drink it right away, add a small amount of hot water and then cool it down immediately.

Barley tea is effective in lowering body temperature, improving blood flow, and is also recommended preventing heat stroke.

Name: Barley tea
Ingredients: Barley (produced in Japan)
Contents: 12g x 32 packets
Shelf life 1 year from date of manufacture
Storage Avoid high temperature and high humidity.


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