NADESHIKO Baking Soda Soap

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Aged soap carefully cooked by skilled craftsmen over a week. Clean your face and body with this one.

Easy to wash, clean the whole body! The secret of smooth and egg skin is a creamy foam containing baking soda (Na hydrogen carbonate: cleaning ingredient). Loosen old dead skin and lift dirt from the back of pores.
High-quality foaming and defoaming with plenty of moisture is 100% vegetable oil-based. A soap that is kind to nature and the environment.

1. Skilled craftsmen carefully cook over a week while checking the temperature and humidity.

2. Since it is 100% vegetable oil-based, it has plenty of moisture and high-quality foaming and defoaming.

3. Wastewater is a soap that is friendly to people and the environment and is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide in one day.

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