THERATIS by mixim Night Repair Hair Mask (130g)

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A new night repair hair care that suppresses swells and sleepiness by soaking in repair ingredients while you sleep. 

More than 90% is beauty essence ingredients.
Penetration care from the skin to the tip of the hair with nano repair ingredients and raw collagen. 

Night aroma: rose scent.

STEP1 Shampoo

[Wash while leaving moisture]

After pre-washing thoroughly for 30 seconds before shampooing, take an appropriate amount and wash gently.

Cleansing ingredients*1 derived from jojoba oil wash while leaving moisture, then rinse thoroughly.

*1 Jojoba oil glycereth-8 esters (cleaning ingredient)

STEP1.5 Hair pack

[Nano repair ingredients*2 permeate]

Apply directly to the ends of your hair and rub it in.

Leave it for about 1 minute and let it penetrate.

The point is to go to the next step without washing it off!

*2 Ceramide NG (Repair)

STEP2 Treatment

[Enveloped with repair ingredients *3]

Apply firmly from the middle of the hair to the ends and keep for 15 seconds.

Then rinse thoroughly.

*3 Keratin (wool) (repair)

STEP3 hair oil

[Care for swells and smooth hair]

Apply from the middle of the hair so that it blends in with your fingers.

Rub the ends of your hair and areas where you are concerned about dryness.

You will have smooth and smooth hair that you can easily pass through your fingers.

The next morning, if you are concerned about dryness, sleepiness, or swells, it is OK to apply more oil.

Be sure to apply hair oil at night before going to bed.

By doing so, the next morning, it will be less prone to wrinkles and swells, and it will be easier to set your hair in the morning.

Petroleum-based surfactant, synthetic coloring, sodium laureth sulfate, paraben, animal experiment-free formula

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