YOSHI Organic Kamairicha (50g)

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Kamairicha is a very rare green tea: it accounts for only 2% of all Japanese tea production and is a specialty from Kyushu.

YOSHI is a stunning, gold-hued Kamairicha made in Miyazaki. 

This pan-fried tea has a full mouthfeel with a lingering sweetness and a subtle bitterness. Notes of edamame, cooked spinach, and toasted almond are accented by subtle notes of toasted white sesame seed and persimmon.
The tea will develop more complexity and sweetness over many steeps.

This processing method, that only a handful of experts still master nowadays, gives the tea some Oolong attributes while possessing all the health benefits of green tea. 

  1. Put 10g of tea leaves for 2 cups of tea in the teapot (with a filter mesh)
  2. Bring water to a boil. 180ml of water for two cups.
  3. Pour the water into each cup and wait until the temperature reaches 80 degrees.
  4. Pour the water from the cup into the teapot, close the lid and allow the tea to brew for 1 minute. Do not stir.
  5. Pour the tea slowly into the cups, a little at a time, until the last drop.
  6. This tea can be re brew 2 to 3 times, the brew time should be few seconds.

Conservation :

Unopened : 12 months / Opened : 6 weeks

Following a centuries-old tradition, this delicacy is made by pan-frying tea leaves in an iron vessel at 300 ~ 450 °C. The result is a yellow-green, refreshing, smooth tea with a mildly roasted and rich flavor, with no astringency. Kama-iri cha is also known as the “Chinese green tea” in Japan, as the process used to make it, was first developed in China.

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