Nakane Tea

Yuzu Organic Green Tea 2.5g x15 (1pack only)

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The tea is organically grown without the use of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers with the addition of Yuzu grown and dried in Kawane-Cho, Shizuoka Prefecture. The slight scent of Yuzu and the unique aroma of mountain tea intertwine exquisitely to create an enriching experience.

It goes well after a meal, while reading alone, or with western-style sweets. It is best to brew the tea with slightly cooled water for a mellower taste.

  • Organic bancha, Shizuoka Prefecture, and dried Yuzu from (Japan).
  • Contents: 2.5g x 15 packets x 1 pack.
  • Shelf life: One year from manufacture.
  • Storage: Avoid high temperature and high humidity.

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