YOLU Dense Night Care 3-Piece Set

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[Neroli & Peony Scent] 4 Free: Free of silicone, paraben, mineral oil, and synthetic coloring
Yolu focuses on sleeping care and protects hair from dryness and friction damage. Moisturizes the hair and scalp, leading to moist and glossy hair.

Containing dense intensive repair ingredients, it also firmly cares for hair damage caused by color and perm. Deliver a relaxing night with an aromatic fragrance containing natural essential oils that is perfect for relaxing at the end of the day.

After wetting the entire hair, apply an appropriate amount, lather well and wash, then rinse thoroughly.

Yolu Calm Night Repair Shampoo

Water, Olefin (C14-16) Sodium Sulfonate, TEA Cocoyl Glutamate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide Methyl MEA, PCA Isostearic Acid PEG-40 Waterborne Castor Oil, Sodium Lauroid Methylalanine, PEG-120 Methyl Glucose, Ceramide NG, Cholesterol (Wool), unoki bark Extract, Quotanium-33 (wool), Lotus Flower Extract, Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP, Glycerin, Polyquotanium-10, Isomeric Sugar, Zane, Isosteryl Hydrolyzed Collagen, DysterylDimonium Chloride, Ichosalactone, Polyglyceryl-10, Tocopherol, Tocopherol, Tocyceryl, Acid, Citric Acid Sodium benzoate, EDTA-2Na, cyclohexane-1,4-dicarbonate, diethyl sebacinate, DPG, BG, PG, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance

Calm Night Repair Treatment

Water, waterborne sodium oil alcohol, dimethicone, isopenyldiol, behentrimonium chloride, ceramide NG, cholesterol (wool), nemwood bark extract, quotanium-33 (wool), lotus flower extract, ceramide NP, ceramide AP, glycerin, isosteryl hydrolyzed kera. Chin (wool), Dystearyl Dimonium Chloride, Gam-Docococaracton, Polyglyceryl-10, Tocopherol, Citric Acid, Sodium Citric Acid, Aminopropyl Dimethicone, Setanol, Lauroyl Glutamate (Phitosteryl/Occhyldecyl), PEG-90M, Cyclohexane-1,4-1,4-14-14-1. Dicarbonate Suitoxydiglycol, diethyl sebacinate, isonononanium, DPG, BG, PG, Sorbitol, isopropanol, phenoxyethanol, stertrimonium chloride, fragrance.


Yolu Calm night Repair Hair Oil

Triethyl hexanoine, cetyl ethylhexanate, ethylhexyl palmitate, squalane, sunflower seed oil, ceramide NG, cholesterol (wool), nemunoki bark extract, quotanium-33 (wool), lotus flower extract, ceramide NP, ceramide AP, glycerin, isosaccharide, isose, zane. Stearaloil hydrolyzing Thawsilk, dysteryldimonium chloride, agh-dococosaracton, polyglyceryl-10, tocopherol, citric acid, sodium citrate, cyclohexane-1,4 - dicarbonate visediglycol, PEG-20 waterborne castor oil, diethyl sevasinate, isothearic acid, DP. G, BG, PG, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance

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