Catmoz Lymphatic Massage Roll

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(Lymphatic Massage) Ideal for those who want to slim their upper arms, running lymph, and keeping their upper arm diet warm and eliminates any discomfort. It also removes muscle tension, fatigue while massaging your head and points to the body blood circulation improvement.

It relieves tired body, improves blood circulation, and promotes body relaxation. Especially around the ankle, behind the knee, and at the base of the thigh, there are lymph nodes to help clean the swelling of your feet.

Size: H: 153 mm x W 78 mm x D: 21 mm

Weight: 172 g

360-Degree Rotation: 7 stainless steel balls move smoothly and gently massage your body lines on your neck, shoulders, arms, abdomen, hips, calves, sole, back and thighs. It fits any part of the body to stimulate pressure points and fat.

The base of the ball is made of elastomer resin that conforms to your hand, so you can massage it freely in any direction you like. You can also use it as you watch TV, listen to music, take a bath, etc. If you want to crunch it, it will work well with cellulite.

Ergonomically designed, easy to grip and fits perfectly against your skin. Whether you are at work, school, traveling, watching TV.
Just hold it in your hand and place it where you want it to be loose. Fashion and good for your health, it is best to send as a gift to your female friends.

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