Momopuri Moisturizing Dense Milk Jure Mask 4 Face Masks

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Plenty of moisture and elasticity Plump skin care series. A beauty essence with a jelly feeling a lot of it was included in one sheet, Rich face mask Best cosmetics award. The only magazine in the world that truly evaluates cosmetics "LDK the Beauty" March 2019 issue Sheet mask was selected as the best by cosmetics !

Highly adherent jelly sheet feels like it sticks to your skin.

A jelly-like sheet mask that sticks to your skin. Covers well around the eyes. It is an individual wrapping type that is easy to take out and use. For healthy skin every day.

Lactic acid bacteria :

Contains the lactic acid bacterium "EC-12 strain" that focuses on the indigenous bacteria on the skin. Makes your skin elastic with "lactic acid bacteria * 1".

Peach ceramide : A skin care product that contains peach ceramide, a moisturizing beauty essence that is made in Japan. Tightening pores Bergamot fruit extract Moisturizing ingredients: Vitamin C derivatives / hyaluronic acid / vitamins A / E / peach leaf extract.

Gently rub the entire bag with both hands so that the jelly fits into the sheet before opening.

  • STEP1  Take out the mask from the bag and unfold it.
  • STEP2 First align the eyes and then the mouth, then place it on the entire face and lightly press it so that it adheres to the skin.
  • STEP3 Leave it for 3 to 5 minutes (about 10 minutes if you are concerned about dryness) before removing the mask. It is more effective to let the jelly left on the skin blend in.

When using with peach lotion or gel cream Moisturizing lotion → Moisturizing jelly mask → We recommend the order of using moisturizing gel cream.

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