Paris. Bath Salt (4 packets box) 400g

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Paris. is the perfect mixture of the best ingredients from France, combined with the meticulous production of Japan. 

This bath salt detoxifies while recharging your body, bringing the beauty from within and providing the relaxation that you need. It is made of Epsom salt with the highest purity of 99.99% (the highest used in Japan).

Mix one packet in your bath water and take a bath.
Magnesium sulfate, a natural ingredient also found in seawater, is absorbed into the body and helps you sweat just like in a Japanese hot spring. (Perspiration varies from person to person).

The main ingredient, magnesium sulfate, Also known as "Epsom salt" in Europe and the United States, the magnesium sulfate has been used by many beauty experts and celebrities as a new beauty treatment for sweating and detoxification.

It is also used by a wide range of people, including high level athletes, who expect to recover from muscle fatigue due to the magnesium mineral. 

This is the perfect body salt for a healthy lifestyle that emphasized quality and functionality. 

Epsom salt has been attracting attention from a wide range of people.
Epsom salt is the perfect body salt for a healthy lifestyle that emphasizes quality and efficacy.

Add one packet to the bath water (180-200 liters).
Stir well, and then take a bath.
Do not use this bath salt in leftover water.

99.99% pure magnesium sulfate
*No parabens, fragrances, color, or petroleum-derived ingredients.*

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